Monday, 28 August 2017

CAM API Medical Company - Visit to CCC School

It is rare to see businesses in Cambodia taking such a proactive role in engaging with rural communities, which is why we were so pleased to be contacted by an HR Manager from Cam API Medical Co Ltd, a local company based in Kandal Province. The company is a manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in the production and export of medical and infection control apparel. They expressed to us that a group of senior management staff were interested in visiting our CCC school to learn more about the project and how they could get involved. We therefore arranged a visit for them to come and see our school. 
Before the visit, Cam API asked us what would be the best way to support the school. With the new academic year starting in November, we suggested that the provision of study supplies would be a great help to our students. We were therefore extremely grateful for the generous donation we received from them when they came to visit, which included text books, back packs, pencils, erasers and art books. 
The visitors were given a tour of the classrooms and medical building, and had the opportunity to talk with the students and teachers. Following the tour, each of the students and teachers received a cash donation, which they were all very grateful for. The delegation was also provided with printed information about our GRADE project, which aims to provide sponsorship for an entire year group at the school and included a sample of our GRADE friends report and background information on CCC school. The company’s HR manager said he would look into the possibility of making school uniforms for the school. 
The visit was a great success and we would like to thank the company for their interest and generous donations - we look forward to developing an ongoing relationship between CamKids and Cam API.

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