Friday, 20 January 2017

Medical and Dental Programs at CCC

CamKids has been working in partnership with the medical charity One-2-One for a number of years. At CamKids' MEND (Medical, Educational, Nutritional and Development) project at the CCC school in Kampong Speu province, One-2-One sends a dental team every month to our community clinic and a medical team every two months. 
In many parts of Cambodia dental care isn’t available, or is simply unaffordable. Our team takes mobile equipment into the community and on arrival sets up dental chairs (up to 8 at a time) to provide treatment and education to the local people. We concentrate on preventative dentistry, including fluoride varnishing, silver diamine fluoride and oral health education. We also undertake any necessary extractions and restoration work.

Our medical teams take mobile equipment into the CCC school and set up separate medical stations for triage, consultation and a pharmacy. Medical care includes treatment for a range of common injuries and illnesses such as dengue fever, acute infections, diarrhea, common colds, typhoid and malaria. Each patient who visits the medical clinic proceeds through the triage, consultation and pharmacy stations.
We also provide health and hygiene education to adults and children and basic health care including, height and weight measurement, de-worming, nail cutting, wound care and basic vaccinations. 
Although CamKids employs Theavy, a full time nurse at CCC, it is invaluable to have a larger medical team visit every two months to deal with more complex cases. Between August and December 2016, the medical team saw 480 people, and provided them with vital care and education. 
Meanwhile, the dental team saw a massive 711 patients pass through their chairs. That’s more than 700 brighter smiles, more confident and happier people out there in the world. 
It is hard work, and it is slow work. But it is absolutely vital that we do it. 

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