Tuesday, 24 February 2015

HAP Centre Update

HAP continues to run smoothly and a number of new projects have been completed at the centre. A bio-digester was installed by CamKids with the support of the Liger International School in Phnom Penh. The idea is to reduce the use of wood as well as the costs and cooking time and to produce natural fertilizer for the vegetable garden. To keep children and staff safe, a concrete fence was built around the centre, with support from ASPECA. In addition, a new library and classroom was built, to expand the English classes for the children.
To improve the staff capacity to make their work more productive, it was arranged for various members of staff to join a number of training and development workshops with other partner NGOs. The children are growing up fast, both physically and mentally. They now have good food to eat, clean water to drink and to wash with, hygiene products to use, weekly treats and very good care from the nannies.
Last July, all the children had their general health checked at the ASPECA office in Kompong Speu; the results showed that all the children were healthy. The children also study at the Government school regularly and they are taking accelerated Khmer and English classes at the centre, to improve their knowledge. The older children have English classes with Mr. Piseth, an English teacher from CamKids, three days per week and now their English is much better. The children also still learn and practice dancing, drawing and playing music. The director monitors all the children’s activities and undertakes a weekly review and progress talk with the children.
Recently, three girls from HAP failed their high school exams and did not intend to go back to school again. However, with encouragement from CamKids and the centre, they all decided to study again, and they hope to be successful this year. Kuyseng, a young man who was formerly at HAP and who is supported by CamKids, is successfully continuing his second year of study at The Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh.