Tuesday, 9 May 2017

2016 Annual Report & Accounts

The CamKids Trustees are pleased to report that our Annual Report and Accounts for 2016 have been filed with the Charity Commission and can be downloaded from HERE.

We would like to thank all of our donors and supporters, without whom we would not be able to help some of the world's poorest children.

If you have any questions about these accounts, please contact CamKids Finance

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Australian School visit to CCC

A school in New South Wales in Australia, the Kinross Wolaroi School, has been supporting our CCC school in Kampong Speu province for a number of years through our GRADE program. 

This support includes contributions from every student, their parents and teachers to buy school supplies, uniform and bicycles for the students at CCC. 
This year two teachers led 10 Kinross students to volunteer at the CCC school, where they learned about the living condition of the sponsored students. 
The students were fully immersed in the daily routines of the children - teaching English, playing sports, games, eating meals together and experiencing the lives of the villagers in the CCC community. 
It was a tremendously valuable trip for all concerned, and we thanks the teachers and the students for their continuing commitment to our work in Cambodia.
We have a number of individual sponsorship packages available:
  • Friend - $15 / £10 per month to sponsor 1 child
  • Bronze - $25 / £20 per month to sponsor 2 children
  • Silver - $60 / £50 per month to sponsor 5 children
  • Gold - $120 / £100 per month to sponsor 10 children

If you are interested in becoming an Friend or Grade sponsor, please email us for more information and to receive the necessary forms. For Friends Sponsorship, a regular donation can be set up by following This Link.

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Winter 2016-17 Newsletter

 Reduced 2016 Newsletter Link to Dropbox

2016 was a turbulent year, for many reasons.  For CamKids, the effects of a falling pound, as a result of the UK's Brexit vote, has resulted in a fall in our income and reserves of around 15%.  Following a review of our funding objectives and effectiveness, we are now focusing on our own CCC school and other community projects in Kampong Speu, which are highlighted in our Winter 2016/17 Newsletter.  We now have six full-time Khmer teachers and a total of 382 students studying at CCC school from kindergarten to grade 6. 

Our aim is to run CCC as a full-capacity primary school - two classes at the seven grades we offer, i.e. a total of 480 pupils enrolled.  To be able to achieve this long term aim we need to build two more classrooms and it is also our ambition to build a library that will be a valuable resource for the children and the village – this is something for the future when the financial situation is more stable.

Please click on the link below and take a look at our latest Newsletter, which focuses on CCC School and our associated community projects. If you like what we are doing, why not set up a regular donation - no amount is too small and just £5 per month will achieve a great deal in Cambodia.  Remember, CamKids has no administration or fundraising costs - only Cambodians receive funds from the charity - every penny you raise therefore gets directly to the people in Cambodia. Your support is critical to our continuing aid to many thousands of children and their families. 

If you need an incentive to stick to that New Year's resolution or just want to set yourself a personal challenge for 2017, why not set up a Fundraising Page for CamKids.  Any donation, however small, will help us provide long term support for some of the world's most vulnerable children. 

We wish you all a happy and successful 2017 and hope you enjoy the Newsletter.

The CamKids Trustees

To access the Newsletter, please click This Link or Contact Us and we will send you a copy by e-mail.

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Please consider making a donation to help these desperately poor children and their families. 

If you are in the UK, you can text CAMK13 £10 to 70070 to make a £10 donation (or change to £5, £3 etc). Even a small donation of a few pounds from all of our supporters will make a huge difference. Remember, we do not have any overheads, so 100% of your donation goes to helping the children. 

Alternatively, go to www.bit.ly/singdonation or www.bit.ly/regdonation to make a single or regular credit or debit card donation in £, $ and A$ or PayPal to pay in any currency through PayPal (all cards accepted). 

Thank you 
The CamKids Trustees

Friday, 20 January 2017

Medical and Dental Programs at CCC

CamKids has been working in partnership with the medical charity One-2-One for a number of years. At CamKids' MEND (Medical, Educational, Nutritional and Development) project at the CCC school in Kampong Speu province, One-2-One sends a dental team every month to our community clinic and a medical team every two months. 
In many parts of Cambodia dental care isn’t available, or is simply unaffordable. Our team takes mobile equipment into the community and on arrival sets up dental chairs (up to 8 at a time) to provide treatment and education to the local people. We concentrate on preventative dentistry, including fluoride varnishing, silver diamine fluoride and oral health education. We also undertake any necessary extractions and restoration work.

Our medical teams take mobile equipment into the CCC school and set up separate medical stations for triage, consultation and a pharmacy. Medical care includes treatment for a range of common injuries and illnesses such as dengue fever, acute infections, diarrhea, common colds, typhoid and malaria. Each patient who visits the medical clinic proceeds through the triage, consultation and pharmacy stations.
We also provide health and hygiene education to adults and children and basic health care including, height and weight measurement, de-worming, nail cutting, wound care and basic vaccinations. 
Although CamKids employs Theavy, a full time nurse at CCC, it is invaluable to have a larger medical team visit every two months to deal with more complex cases. Between August and December 2016, the medical team saw 480 people, and provided them with vital care and education. 
Meanwhile, the dental team saw a massive 711 patients pass through their chairs. That’s more than 700 brighter smiles, more confident and happier people out there in the world. 
It is hard work, and it is slow work. But it is absolutely vital that we do it. 

If you would like to support our work, please contact us.

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