Thursday, 9 August 2018

Story written by Sandy Flinn - A volunteer from Australia

Volunteering at CamKids’ Community School was an experience beyond expectations. This is where the real culture of Cambodia can be found, untouched by tourism and development. 
CamKids' students are eager to learn English and are very well behaved. I taught English using real objects, drawings, action songs, written and verbal words. 
The students particularly enjoyed learning English through ESL action songs which I played on my phone and Bluetooth speaker. 
I brought other resources along such as photocopies of worksheets that could be transferred to the whiteboard, coloured paper to teach colours, blue tac and small photo albums of family and life in Australia. 
I am not a qualified teacher but have many years experience working as a School Support Teacher and easily transitioned to teaching English mainly because there were no behavioural issues. 
If you have ever considered volunteering, bring a friend and help enhance future prospects of Cambodian children. CamKids’ Community School would really appreciate your assistance.


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