Thursday, 27 May 2010

CamKids 2009 Report & Accounts

The Trustees of CamKids - The Cambodian Children's Charity, are pleased to report that the Charity's Annual Report and Accounts for 2009 have been filed with the Charity Commission well ahead of schedule.

A copy of the report and accounts can be downloaded from HERE.

Please direct any questions about these accounts to CamKids Finance

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Football Fun!

A little while ago one of our Trustees was having a drink with the Coach of the Cambodian National Football team and told him that it would really good if he could visit one of the projects which CamKids supports.

Luckily he liked the idea and the deal was done. The next week, the Coach and 2 assistant coaches went off to the Who Will Children's Orphanage and spent the day training the kids. The kids absolutely loved it and they all recognised him and his 2 assistants, who were both ex National Team players.

As you will see from the photos, boys and girls of all ages took part and they all looked very fetching in their oversized bibs and shirts!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

One-2-One Dental Treatment and Health Education for Poor Children

The following is a short report, prepared by one of our Partner Organisations in Cambodia, One-2-One. CamKids is providing all of the funding for this particular project and the impact on the dental health of the children has been remarkable.

Project Goal: Provide basic dental services for children from orphanages and deprived communities in and around Phnom Penh.

Logistics: During January to March, each morning and afternoon, groups of 10-20 children were brought to the International University Dental Clinic for treatment. After an oral health education session, children were examined and a treatment plan made. Some of the children had a mouth full of decay, often with painful abscesses.

Collaborative partners: One-2-One Charitable Trust, Phnom Penh International University and CamKids.

Background information: 6 year olds in Cambodia have an average of 8 decayed teeth! Many children coming to the clinic require extractions, but our focus is on doing what is most important for that particular child, to enhance their long term development and well-being. Our priorities are relief of pain, restoring decayed permanent teeth, and sealing the permanent molar teeth to prevent future decay. Most treatment is carried out using local anaesthesia so that the child does not suffer any pain. In addition, many children receive a fluoride treatment. All children are shown how to brush their teeth. Recently we introduced a new preventive dental product into the clinic – silver diamine fluoride solution. This topical fluoride can be applied directly to the dental decay on primary teeth and has the affect of arresting the decay, so that in many cases a filling can be avoided. We have developed guidelines which indicate when this treatment should be used, and when it should be avoided. Some children require more than one visit to the clinic to carry out the most necessary treatment.

The children accept the treatment well and tears are not common. The dental students who provide the treatment make a lot of effort to talk the children through the procedures and give them a positive experience. The dental students are gaining confidence in treating children, and are even willing to treat the children with HIV. This is excellent training for the students who will be more confident when they graduate. Among the staff supervising the children are two Cambodian paediatric dentists, Dr Sonita and Dr Sopharith.

From January to March, with funding from CamKids, 762 children were treated. Children were seen from 15 orphanages and NGOs.

If you would like to find out more about this or any of our other Medical Programs, please email:

Monday, 3 May 2010

New Virgin Money Giving Site

Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving

We are pleased to report that CamKids has signed up to the Virgin Money Giving service, to enable our supporters to set up their own fundraising page for a sponsored event, special day or just as a way of raising money for CamKids. This is similar to the Justgiving service, which CamKids has used for some time, but the fees are much lower and so more of your supporters' money goes to helping the children in our projects and programmes.

CamKids will continue to be available on JustGiving, so that our supporters will have a choice as to which service they would like to use. Both sites also collect the Gift Aid on our behalf, increasing the funds raised by 28%, for donations by UK taxpayers.

If you would like to set up a fundraising page to benefit CamKids, please visit:

Our JustGiving page will also give you some ideas of possible events. In the past few months, supporters from around the world have set up pages for the following events:

Kick Boxing Event
Bug Eating Competition
Kilimanjaro Climb
10k Run

How about you - why not be the first to se up a fundraising page on our Virgin Finance Giving site? If you need any assistance, please send an email to