Thursday, 19 June 2014

HAP Update

The following field report was recently prepared by CamKids' Project Coordinator, Sophak: 

In the last 6 months, there has been a great deal of activity at HAP.  All the nannies undertook training on how to look after the small children, at Kampong Speu town, with the charity, ASPECA. After the training, they have applied the skills which they learnt to their work at the centre in order to be more productive and we are seeing the results through improvements in the children's health.   
32 children undertook three months training on “Chicken Raising Techniques” which was conducted at the centre and trained by a third year student, Loek Vichet, from Prek Leap Agricultural School. After the training, there are seven children who have started raising their own chickens at the centre. As well as giving them important life skills, we hope that this initiative will lead to a significant improvement in the protein intake for the children.
All the children are still working hard on the vegetable garden and also raising ducks. We have been lucky to have a number of visiting volunteer teachers, who helped teaching English at HAP, alongside our CamKids English teacher, Sok Piseth. All the children were very enthusiastic and  keen to improve their English. 
This year, Chhem Kuyseng, an 18-year-old boy graduated from high school and has registered for the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh, supported by CamKids. He is willing to help the centre by using his knowledge from the university. This is also an achievement for HAP and for CamKids for investing in his education. There are another three girls studying at grade 12 this year too.