Monday, 31 August 2015

Who Will Children's Village Update

We recently received the following update from Who Will Children's Village, which we support through our Child Sponsorship program and where we have built school rooms and other facilities:

Activities in our Village continue as normal although the project in now evolving into more of a Community Educational Facility with the residential element reducing in importance. We remain with 37 resident children but the number of students from the surrounding villages increased at its peak to over 250. As many of these children come from farm backgrounds they have to stop studying to work in the fields during the planting and harvesting times, but they normally return.
The start to the year was overshadowed by the, somewhat premature, passing away of our director, Mao Moniroath, wife of the Chairman. Since resigning from her position at the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh, Roath had established herself as an invaluable member of the management team. She was able, through her experience as Personnel Manager at the Embassy, to bridge the gap between children and staff all of whom respected her and followed the advice given. She was loved by all at Who Will Village and is sorely missed. 
We are now concentrating on improving the quality of teaching in our in-house English language classes and to this end, we are continually looking for qualified teachers to volunteer with us and share their knowledge and experience with our 3 Khmer teachers and 2 long term German volunteers. We have 2 very experienced teachers coming over for a month in January 2016 but still would like more between now and then. 
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have made 2 visits this year, one in early January and the second time on 5-7 June. Their visits are always welcomed by the children who enjoy the varied programmes of learning and playing planned so effectively by the students. These include, both normal classroom teaching and arts and crafts in addition to drama/musical presentations. 
The school year is almost over and we are now trying to sort out the futures of the 3 girls who are completing Year 12 and who, hopefully, will all achieve a good pass in their final exam. One wants to train as a nurse, one as a dress designer and the other has accountancy in mind. We are endeavoring to satisfy their wishes. 
The vegetable garden has been extended into adjoining land that we own and we have had good crops of sweet potatoes, corn, cassava and watermelons. Our mango trees have also borne a large amount of fruit. We are trying to extend the garden but the children’s time is limited and it is too hot in the middle of the day for volunteers to work in the sun.
Having helped with capital expenditure during the start up period, CamKids continues to provide much needed financial support through the Child Sponsorship Programme that they run for us and we are most grateful to them for doing this.


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