Monday, 27 April 2015

Nhek Sreyroth's Story - a Scholarship Student from EYC

Sreyroth is a third-year student at the Institute of Specialized Economics and Finance in Phnom Penh, majoring in Accounting. She is now enjoying her second semester, and her favorite subjects are English for Business, and Marketing.

Sreyroth is the youngest girl in her family. She is 21 years old, and has two brothers and one sister. Her father is a policeman and is going to retire this year, while her mother, aged 50, is a housewife. One of her brothers and her sister are lottery sellers, and the other works at a micro-finance institution. Sreyroth lives with her sister’s family.
Speaking with a broad smile, Sreyroth said she has received a great opportunity to get financial support from EYC, funded by CamKids, to help share her family’s burden since the first year of her study. In return, Sreyroth always tries her best at school. She really likes her school where the discipline and quality of education are so good.

Besides her study, she works part-time at the Music Arts School as a receptionist. Her job also can support a part of her school fees and study materials though she doesn’t earn very much. However, Sreyroth plans to look for a better job which is more suited to her study background as an accountant, and once she finds the job, she will change her study to the evenings.

In her spare time, Sreyroth likes reading educational story books in English and humour. She really loves sports such as biking, dancing, skiing, and soccer.

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