Friday, 5 September 2014

CCC Clinic

The Chbar Chros Community (CCC) Clinic was built and is funded by CamKids to provide free basic medical and dental services and health education to CCC school children and community members as well as to other people from surrounding villages.  The community is very poor and in a very remote location with extremely limited access to medical facilities.
The CCC clinic provides the following services to the community, free of charge:
  • Dental treatment- including oral health and hygiene education, extraction, filling, scaling, endodontic, SDF and sealants.
  • Medical treatment- including basic medical care and treatment from the CCC nurse for fever and diarrhea management, wound care, first aid and health education. In addition, the CamKids-funded mobile medical team also visits the CCC clinic bi-monthly to provide treatment for a range of diseases including dengue fever, acute infections, typhoid fever, malaria, pressure wounds etc.
  • CCC School Health Program – the CCC nurse provides basic medical care services, including height and weight measurements (every six months), monitoring and treatment of scabies and head lice (three times per year), de-worming (at roughly six monthly intervals), nail clipping, first aid, fever and diarrhea management, basic wound dressing and distribution of soap.  The CCC medical nurse also monitors and supervises the students to brush their teeth and wash their hands every day.
Over the last year, we have continued to work cooperatively with the CCC community by building trust and strong relationships with the CCC school and community members as well as local people and village chiefs from surrounding villages. We have built on the work carried out in the first two years of this project by providing dental care beyond the CCC school, to CCC community members and to people from surrounding villages as well. During the last six month reporting period, the dental team provided treatment to 659 patients, including 270 CCC school students, 55 children and 333 adults.
In addition, the medical team has also provided medical treatment to the CCC school and community members. A total of 556 patients (227 children and 329 adults) were treated by the CCC medical nurse, and a further 195 patients were treated by the mobile medical team, including 34 children and 161 adults. Education and training about basic health care and hygiene, personal care and family care has also been provided. A total of 270 students are enrolled in the School Health Program. The challenges of working within a resource-limited setting continue to push our teams at the clinic!
Case Study
On a recent trip Ms. Sokney, the CCC Medical Nurse, interviewed a woman, named Mrs. Phal Sophorn who is 30 years old. Sophorn currently lives in the Roug Village Samiki Commune, Ortdong district, Kompong Speu province. She came to the CCC clinic with a sad face and complained of tooth pain from one of her molar teeth. Due to the unbearable pain, Sophorn said she could not sleep at night time and found it very difficult to eat hot or cold food or water. However, one day Sophorn heard from the village chief that the dental mobile team would be visiting the CCC Clinic soon to treat the patients there, so Sophorn recorded the date and waited to visit the CCC clinic on the day of their visit. The dental team helped relieve her pain and removed her third molar tooth. Sophorn said that after the tooth was removed she could eat and drink whatever she wanted and started to have better sleep again. She is very thankful to CamKids and our donors for helping the vulnerable people in her community.

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