Monday, 17 March 2014

Agriculture Project at Chbar Chros School

In 2013, CamKids started developing a project to educate children at our Community School at Chbar Chros in basic agricultural techniques. The children established a small vegetable garden at the school and planted cabbage, morning glory, Chinese green, kale, pumpkins, gourds, salad leaves, lemon grass and mint. 
The garden project aims to promote the awareness of basic agricultural techniques amongst the students by providing knowledge on growing vegetables, water conservation, organic farming, fertilizers, and soil preparation. The students work in the garden at the school and some of them have now planted their own vegetables in small spaces in their parents’ rice fields. All students who are involved in the garden activities can now harvest fresh vegetables to take home to their families. 
All the vegetables were planted using organic practices and our program manager, Sophak, has come up with some ingenious ideas, including re-using old plastic bottles suspended on wires, as planters. 
After the successful completion of this pilot program, the students have asked to increase the size of the vegetable garden at the school and more students are keen to practice by themselves at home. Not only does this allow them to help plan their family meals, but provides them with good exercise and is fun. We are now planning to expand the vegetable garden to cover an area of 34m x 12m, which will enable the children to produce more fresh vegetables for cooking and give the children the chance to learn more about growing vegetables.

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