Friday, 30 September 2011

The Al Murray CamKids Golf Classic V

On July 15th, Effingham Golf Club hosted the Al Murray CamKids Classic V. This is the fifth consecutive year we have held the event and the third consecutive year it has been held at Effingham Golf Club. Steve Hoatson and all his staff were once again, professional and friendly and hosted another flawless day. This is one of the reasons why, in previous years, the golf day has always proven to be hugely popular, great fun and very successful as a fund raiser, allowing CamKids to continue, and expand on, its projects for children in Cambodia. This year was no exception.

Unlike last year, the weather was kind and everybody teed off in glorious sunshine and high spirits. Those spirits, although dampened at times by the golf, were continuously resurrected by the caravan of buggies, led by The Pub Landlord and partner in crime Adam Booker, delivering cold beer and snacks to all on the course. With the addition of the lovely Beccy, from Eye Candy Caddies, also selling refreshments as well as giving putting advise, the mood on the course remained buoyant.

In fact, to be fair, the quality of play this year was of a fairly good standard and after five years, the event is now actually beginning to resemble a golf tournament. Far more golfers than in previous years, graced the fairways with their presence. People were actually entering the clubhouse at the end of the day with smiles still on their faces, although I am sure some of those smiles were a reflection of the refreshments delivered throughout the day, rather than the golf scores.

In the evening, Al was once again merciless with his financial forfeits for supposed improprieties on the day, and his cajoling, badgering and quite frankly, harassment of the bidders in the auction, would definitely have been frowned upon on the floors at Sotheby's. However, for our purposes and for the entertainment of the room, it was pure gold. The auction surpassed expectations and CamKids is honoured and proud to report that the total profit from the day was in excess of £15,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! An amazing amount for which we, but more importantly, the children in Cambodia, are eternally grateful.

So many people help to make these days special, rewarding and successful, and to that end, special thanks must go to Al Murray, Adam Booker, Steve Hoatson and the team, Fullers and all the businesses and individuals who sponsored the day and donated prizes. The day simply would not happen without you all.

Thanks also need to be extended to Gail Taylor, Beccy, Big Bob, Lisa, Win and ALL the golfers on the day and guests who came for the evening. Thank you all for your support, humour, encouragement and faith.

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