Monday, 2 August 2010

Skydive for CamKids

One of CamKids' supporters and recent volunteers, Cat, is raising money by organising a skydive next month for a number of friends and fellow CamKids fundraisers. Cat writes:

During 2009-2010 a number of us spent a long while in Cambodia, volunteering, teaching and seeing the AMAZING work which CamKids does for so many kids there.

Cambodia has so many children living below the poverty line - they literally have no money, no food, no clean water - often no parents. CamKids supports so many of them, and without the charity's help, who knows what may have happened to them.

We have seen so many of these children living a happy existence, playing games, going to school in their uniforms, eating huge bowls of food - all thanks to this charity! The trustees work *so* hard on an entirely voluntary basis and they have achieved amazing things in the country - I can guarantee that CamKids is an entirely worthy charity to support.

On the 4th of September 2010 we are completing a Skydive at the North London Parachute Centre and we are urging you all to please please please give as much as you can, however little - it all helps!!!

If you would like to sponsor Cat, please visit:

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