Friday, 30 April 2010

CamKids Phonics Workshop

In March we were very lucky to have friend of the charity Andrew Gait (a teacher with 22 years experience) return to Cambodia with a fantastic 29 page phonics teaching workbook that he put together himself.

He was inspired to do this after volunteering at a CamKids funded school where he saw the need for an aid to help with pronunciation and understanding of the English sounds.

CamKids brought together 22 Cambodian English teachers from 5 different Provinces to attend a teaching workshop, and covered all associated costs of all transport, accommodation and food.

It was a full day spent on looking at the phonic sounds, letter blending, basic rules and words that break them and then the afternoon moved on to practical activities to carry out in a classroom situation. CamKids Trustee, Dom Sharpe, helped Andrew with the class and everyone had a fantastic day.

Every teacher left with their own resource book and a certificate to show that they had taken part in the day. It also served as an opportunity for many Cambodian teachers to meet with each other and network. The co-operation, integration and enthusiasm to learn was inspiring. Many of the teachers asked for the opportunity to attend more workshops and with this interest and the feedback we have been receiving since the workshop, it is certainly something CamKids is already considering.

Please click the Play button below to see a short video of the day.

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