Friday, 5 October 2007

Recent Trip to Cambodia by Trustees

Trustees Amber and Benita were in Cambodia last month for 10 days to follow up on current and future CamKids projects. This included the signing off of the sustainable, eco farming project at Kais with the Cambodian Rural Development Team and the planning of a new nursery to be built by the British Army in February 2008.

Amber and Benita visited the dentist the children at Kais receive basic free dental treatments from, a children’s surgical centre, a burns rehabilitation centre, an orphanage in Phnom Penh and a number of families living in poor rural areas.

They also managed to fit in four days at Kais Village Orphanage and spent lots of time with the children currently being sponsored there. The children are doing well and are happy and thriving. The babies who were poorly earlier in the year have gained weight and strength and are benefitting from a good ratio of one Nanny to two babies. Lots of new babies have arrived at Kais - many of them are very small and need feeding up and lots of TLC - we are looking forward to seeing great improvements in their health too.

Amber and Benita were delighted to be able to give the children gifts from their sponsors, new pyjamas and games and some much needed terry nappies, bottle sterilisers, blankets and baby grows for the babies. They helped the children write letters and draw pictures for their sponsors, took them swimming, taught them some new games and gave them plenty of cuddles!

Two new Project Trust volunteers had arrived a week before Amber and Benita’s visit. They will be spending a year at Kais teaching the children and local villagers English. The girls have raised funds and volunteered their gap year and will have the experience of their lifetime. The girls were acclimatising to the heat, the Asian diet, the basic living conditions and having to teach children with limited English. CamKids wishes them all the best. They have fantastic shoes to fill as Debbie and Esme, the previous volunteers, did an incredible job last school year and are to be highly commended for their commitment to the children.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that the two Project Trust volunteers, Becca and Rose are settling in and doing well. I know that Debbie and Esme will be a hard act to follow but once the new girls are into their stride they will me an asset to the village, as well as learning an enormous amount about Cambodia - and childcare!

Alex Maclean-Bristol, Cambodia Desk Officer, Project Trust

Anonymous said...

You are great, all of you. Our daughter Sreyneath, which is in some of the picture slides, remembers of you with love, in particular of Rose.

Francesco, Angela and Sreyneath.

Anonymous said...

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