Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Sponsored Bare Foot Walk

Congratulations and a big Thankyou to Seb Rounds and Hugh Davies who have walked over 600km (mostly barefoot) through France & Spain to raise money for CamKids. Seb has just sent the following update from the road:

" Just a short email again to keep you and whoever else might be interested up to date:

A lot has changed since I last got in contact - I in fact only wore shoes (or rather sandals) for 3 days before making the decision to split off from Hugh (and Steve, a friend who has also been walking with us in boots) and try walking barefoot again - only this time at a much reduced pace to see if it was more maintainable.

As it happens, I’ve been going over 3 weeks solo now (I think !) and the feet seem to be holding up OK with the new regime of 15 - 20km a day. It kind of became a personal challenge at some point, and though it involved changing my flight and having to say goodbye to the others I’m glad I did it. Still possible of course I may run into feet trouble again but I’ve now done about 550km barefoot (with an additional 80km in sandals) and feeling positive !!

And as you may have noticed, the JustGiving total continues to rise - I’ve also been given a couple of donations out here by interested pilgrims that I’ll add later !

Regards, Seb "

Seb & Hugh have raised an incredible £2,930 to date - almost £3,800 when Gift Aid is added. To sponsor Seb & Hugh though JustGiving, follow this link. If you are planning an event and would like to raise money for CamKids, please contact: contact@camkids.org.

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