Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Al Murray - 'The Pub Landlord' is Patron of CamKids

The comedian Al Murray (also known as The Pub Landlord) became the patron of CamKids when it was launched in March 2007.

Cambodia came to Al’s attention when his close friends Dom and Benita Sharpe, who are 2 of the trustees of CamKids, adopted a little Cambodian girl in June, 2004.

Dom asked Al to host a fundraising evening in January 2006 to pay for the building of a medical centre at the Kais Village orphanage, where their daughter came from. From here, Al’s interest grew and when he was asked if he would like to become a patron of the charity - he was delighted and accepted immediately.

Al, his wife Amber (now also a trustee) and their children, travelled to Cambodia in April of 2007, to see for themselves the projects which the charity would be supporting, and check on the progress of the medical centre one year on.

Al and his family immediately fell in love with Cambodia and the spirit of the people who live there – people who have suffered so much in recent history. They spent most of their time at the orphanage playing with the children and babies and becoming far too emotionally attached !

Al says “Although when you first get to Cambodia it seems to be a country beset with problems, you can do a lot with a little. Four dollars (only two pounds) buys forty loaves of bread – so although things may seem hopeless at first glance, it’s far from impossible to make a difference.”

Al, along with the trustees, is determined to make CamKids a success, so that the projects which you will be supporting by your generosity will benefit children for years to come.

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